Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a cable outage, all televisions hooked up to cable in your home will be out. If one tv is working, it may be a problem with your digital box (if you have one), your television or your wiring.

Do you have a VCR?
If so, it may be turned on and affecting your cable. Turn your VCR off.

Do you have a digital box?
If so, your television needs to be on Channel 3 or the correct video input.

Still not working? Contact us to further troubleshoot.

EXAMPLE: Channel 22 is going in and out of service.

Give us a call! Your help in reporting channel problems can often speed up the repair process. You may notify CASSCOMM of channel problems we may not otherwise be aware of.

In order to view HD, a HDTV television set is required. To identify if your TV set is HD-ready, refer to the following requirements:

  • Your TV Set must be "HD-ready" or "HD-Capable"
  • Display picture in 1080i, 1080p, 720i or 720p resolution. (Refer to your TV set's owner's manual)

The easiest way is to press the 'Record' button while you are watching live TV, or you can also select the 'Record' icon on the program information screen.

Setting a future recording:

  • Press the 'Guide' button on your remote (this will bring up the TV listings menu)
  • Select a listing
  • Press the 'Record' button on your remote

An instructional video is available on H2, Hometown Happenings, at 9:30AM and 9:30PM daily.


EXAMPLE: The guide feature is not displaying accurately.

Reboot your system. Simply shut off the box and unplug it for 2 minutes. Plug it back in and restart normal functions. If this doesn't work, give us a call to further troubleshoot.

Check your input settings to see if your television is set on cable TV input or antenna. If it is not on cable TV, you need to auto program your TV. If it is on antenna, you need to switch it to cable TV. If this doesn't work, give us as call.

Your audio settings may not be programmed correctly. To fix this, use your TV remote control to program your audio settings:

  • Hit the menu button
  • Audio Settings
  • Stereo should be highlighted NOT SAP

NOTE: This can randomly change at any time on your TV. If you experience this problem in the future, this should be your first troubleshooting method.

SAP audio stands for Secondary Audio Program. It is used for alternate language or even Discriptive audio for Visually impaired. SAP audio is only available from select programmers, this is why some channels have audio and some do not. CASSCOMM passes through all audio that is avaible so if the programmers are using it, it will be available, otherwise you will get no audio or a buzzing sound.

Remedy- In your TV setup menu, under "Audio", you can selet "SAP" and turn it off. You may also be able to locate an SAP button on your TV remote. Sometimes there is even a physical switch on the television you have to switch. Your TV audio should then be normal. For details on how to configure your TV, you may need to consult your owner's manual.

SAP settings will be in 1 of 3 places:

  • Audio settings in the menu
  • A physical switch on the television
  • On the remote labeled SAP or secondary audio

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