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Best of all, many of them are FREE! You can now enjoy movies, kids programming, sports and more all on your own timeframe without waiting for the program to air. It's ready to watch when you want to watch it! Plus, experience an extensive library of movies in HD!

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How does it work?

There are a few different ways to access VOD depending on your digital box remote:

  1. A ‘VOD’ button option may be available on your remote.
  2. An ‘On Demand’ button may be available on your remote.
  3. If the above buttons are not on your remote, select the Menu button and scroll to ‘ON’ on your screen.
  4. An instructional guide is available here!

NOTE: Programming requiring payment will offer a prompt to inform you charges will apply and ensure you desire to commit to the charges.

Digital box required. Not available in all areas. Pay movies starting at $3.99 each and will reflect on your CASSCOMM bill.

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