REWARDS PROGRAM — Making Your Service Work For You!


Wish you were rewarded for watching TV and surfing the net? Here's your chance with our CASSCOMM Club. Turn those hours of entertainment into discounts with CASSCOMM.

How Does It Work?

CASSCOMM Club allows you to earn points by simply using our services. Enjoy the services you love most and, for every dollar you spend with CASSCOMM, you will be rewarded with one CASSCOMM Club point. Collect 1,000 points and receive discounts to be used towards your CASSCOMM bill.

Check your point balance each month located on your CASSCOMM bill, or give us a call at 800.252.1799 to learn more.

CASSCOMM Club points accumulate on recurring charges only. Points are based on residential rates only. Currently, points are not accumulated for landline telephone charges.

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