CASSCOMM's high speed delivered to rural areas with Cass Telephone service.

CASSCOMM Highspeed DSL Internet service

No waiting with high-speed DSL internet! DSL internet is delivered to rural areas with CASSCOMM telephone service without tying up your phone line. Hook up multiple computers in your home for one monthly price. With High-Speed DSL, you can even experience the benefits of wireless internet provided your computer is capable. CASSCOMM DSL internet service includes 24-hour technical support, your very own e-mail address and an e-mail filter which checks your e-mail for viruses and eliminates junk mail.


ONLY $49.95/month

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Towns served: Rural Cass Telephone Customers in Ashland, Chandlerville, Easton and Virginia areas.

Cass Communications Management Inc. | 100 Redbud Road, PO Box 200 | Virginia, IL 62691 | 800.252.1799 | 217.452.7725