CASSCOMM Services available in Mount Sterling, Illinois

We offer internet, telephone, and cable television service to Mount Sterling, Illinois and the surrounding rural areas. CASSCOMM features FAST internet with no data caps. To combine services and get the best value, check out our money-saving bundles by clicking the button at the right.


Residential speeds and prices are listed below. For customized Business prices and services please contact our Business Specialists at or call our office at 800-252-1799 and ask for Betsy.


CASSCOMM's delivers the latest technology to your community

We offer your community internet using our state-of-the-art fiber optic network. This network allows CASSCOMM to deliver blazing fast speeds at affordable rates. There are no contracts or data-caps...just FAST internet to empower you to take full advantage of the web.

In order to provide the highest quality service and ensure optimal network performance, CASS is supplying all of the fiber optic equipment, including the fiber ONU ("Modem") at the customer's premises. Customers served by our fiber product will not have the option to purchase their own ONU ("Modem").

The upgrade to fiber will deliver a high-quality product to the customer, bringing with it higher speeds, better ping times, and faster packet delivery. We will also continue to offer our services with no contracts to our valued customers. While other providers may lock customers into contracts, we will strive to provide the best product and let the customers choose what is best for them.

We are proud to invest in our network and in our communities. Fiber is the future.

OptionSpeedPricing Per Month
Speed Internet75M down, 75M up**$39.95 (when bundled)
SpeedPLUS Internet150M down, 150M up**$59.95 (when bundled)
SpeedDELUXE Internet300M down, 300M up**$99.95
Speed Internet Only75M down, 75M up**$59.95
SpeedPLUS Internet Only 150M down, 150M up**$74.95
GIGPlus Internet Only 1Gig down, 1Gig up**$149.95

Up to speeds stated. Some locations and prices may be different. Call for details. Prices effective February 1, 2020.

Internet prices do not include taxes, fees, surcharges and other regulatory items. The listed prices are subject to change and some restrictions apply.

High-speed DSL

CASSCOMM's high speed delivered to rural areas with Cass Telephone service.

No waiting with high-speed DSL internet! DSL internet is delivered to rural areas with CASSCOMM telephone service. CASSCOMM DSL internet service includes 24-hour technical support, your very own e-mail address and an e-mail filter which checks your e-mail for viruses and eliminates junk mail.

  • Only $49.95 per month

Up to speeds stated. Some locations and prices may be different. Call for details. 

DSL Internet

Rural Wireless Broadband

CASSCOMM now offers high speeds to customers outside of town.

Live in the country? Want high speeds? Now CASSCOMM can deliver customers high speeds, comparable to cable modem service without the need of cable lines. Check out the great speeds! Includes free email account.

  • $99.99 basic installation fee. Additional charges may apply.
  • No monthly data cap

Up to speeds stated. Some locations and prices may be different. Call for details. 

PackageDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice per month
Rural Wireless Broadband Speed10M2M$59.95
Rural Wireless Broadband Speed Plus25M3M$74.95
Rural Wireless Broadband Speed Deluxe50M5M$99.95

xlerated internet

Plume - Get the best whole home WiFi coverage

  • First pod - $3.95/month (What's a pod?)
  • Additional pods - $6.00/month each

A Plume membership consists of a smart home super bundle featuring:

  • Plume Adaptive WiFi™ –Fast, reliable, and consistent Internet throughout the home
  • AI Security™ –Safe and secured devices, worry-free browsing, and no advertisements
  • HomePass® –Parental controls and guest access with unparalleled capabilities
  • Plume Motion™ –Detect movement in your home, just by measuring Wi-Fi signals



CASSCOMM TV can provide you everything you want and more when it comes to great quality fiber TV service. With a variety of packages available, CASSCOMM has what it takes to make your family laugh, cry and even keep you on the edge of your seat in entertainment! We stay up-to-date with technology to ensure you get what you want and deserve.

Want to know what is playing when on CASSCOMM TV?

  • Click here to find out!
  • Be sure to change your provider to Cass Cable TV

CASSCOMM TV Package Pricing

PackagePrice per month
NetPak Cable$44.45*
BroadVision Cable$123.45*


  • Additional CASSCOMM TV set top boxes are $3.95 each
  • Cloud DVR $10.95

Prices effective 2/1/2023. Includes Broadcast TV Surcharge of $23 (does not include local franchise fees or .08 FCC). Customers must subscribe to BroadVision Cable to receive digital packages. Digital Packages do not include Basic Cable charge. All prices are before taxes, fees and surcharges and are subject to change. Some services are not available in all areas. CASSCOMM TV set top box required for all services.

Premium Service Pricing

PackagePrice per month
Showtime/TMC Package*$15.95
Movie Lovers Package (Starz/Starz Encore)*$12.95
Music & Video Package$1.00
HD Tier$9.95
Espanol Package$4.96
Basic Digital (all digital programming, excluding premiums)$15.95
Total TV (digital programming + ALL Movie Channels)$53.00
Too much for TV VOD $14.95

Set top box required for all services. *Above listed premiums applicable for multiple subscription discount. Save $5 when you subscribe to 2 of the above premiums and $7 when you sign up for 3!

Cable TV Equipment Pricing

DevicePrice per month
Cisco Explorer 8-Tuner HD/DVR Set Top Box (enhanced HD) +$10.95
Cisco Explorer Digital Set Top Box (enhanced HD) +$5.95
IPTV Digital Box$3.95
Cloud DVR$10.95
Motorola Digital Set Top Box (non-HD)$5.95
Additional Cloud DVR$5.95
Cable Smart Card$3.50
+Cisco Explorer HD boxes are subject to the All Access HD charge.

Cable TV service


Digital Phone

CASSCOMM now has the latest in Telephone Technology

CASSCOMM now has the latest in telephone technology where you can talk as much as you want for one low price with unlimited local and long distance! This phone operates just like your landline telephone with one exception — the service is provided through your internet lines. To make it easy on our customers who aren't interested in having internet, this service is even available without subscribing to internet service.

Want to keep your existing home phone number? CASSCOMM currently offers local numbers in Arenzville, Athens, Beardstown, Bluff Springs, Jacksonville, Literberry, Macomb, Mason City, Mt. Sterling, Oakford, Peoria, Petersburg, Pittsfield, Pleasant Plains, Quincy, Riverton, Rushville, Sherman, Springfield, Tallula, Versailles and Williamsville.

Features include unlimited local & long distance, voicemail, caller-ID, anonymous call rejection, call forwarding, speed dial, do not disturb, three way calling and caller-ID on call waiting.

Give us a call at 800.252.1799 to learn how you can talk for less!

Digital Telephone Service Pricing

ServicePrice per month
Digital Phone Only$34.95
Digital Phone for Business (includes Unlimited local and long distance calls, plus voicemail)$39.95

Phone service from CASSCOMM

Watching local TV

Providing basic local channels relevant to your area in news, weather and more. Click here to see channels in your area.


Up to 10M download and 2M upload speeds. Higher speeds are available. Call for pricing.

Watching premium channels

All premium channels include Cinemax, Encore, HBO, Showtime, Starz and The Movie Channel. Click here to see the channel line-up for your area.

CinemaxEncoreHBOShowtimeStarzThe Movie Channel


Watching HD channels

Bringing you some of your favorite channels now in Hi-Def! Click here to see the channel line-up in your area. Some channels may not be available in all areas.

ESPN HDHGTV HDFood HDFox News HDDisney HDHistory HD

Watching Digital Basic

Take a step up in entertainment! This enhanced package delivers many irresistible channels to your experience. Click here to see the channel line-up for your area.

Disney Junior Fox Business History2Hallmark Hub Lifetime Movie Network Nick JrAnd more

CASSCOMM now has the latest in telephone technology where you can talk as much as you want for one low price with unlimited local and long distance! This phone operates just like your landline telephone with one exception…the service is provided through your internet lines.

Advertising Options

Coverage map

Includes access to over 70 channels. Click here for a channel guide.


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