If you receive a pop up from someone who says they are with CASSCOMM, DO NOT click on it. Some customers have stated they have gotten a pop up that says they have won something from CASSCOMM. This is a SCAM!!! CASSCOMM does not communicate with our customers via a pop up.

CASSCOMM has recently been notified in regards to SCAM's on past due accounts and also callers wanting customers to pay in full for 6 month or more periods. CASSCOMM does not have a live person making calls for either of these issues. WE use an automated call system to remind customers of past due amounts. We do not ask customers to pay for acounts early. We do not ask for credit card information over the phone, if you feel concerned please call our office to verify this information.. Please DO NOT give any credit card information to this caller. IT IS A SCAM.

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Cardinals Baseball TV Schedule

08/26 7:15 FSMW

08/27 6:15 FSMW

08/28 1:15 FSMW

08/29 6:20 FSMW

08/30 7:10 FSMW




Cardinals Baseball Logo

Cubs Baseball TV Schedule

08/26 9:10 WCIX & WAOE

08/27 3:05 WBUI & WAOE

08/28 3:10 CSN

08/29 7:05 CSN

08/30 7:05 THIS & WAOE


Cubs Baseball Logo

White Sox Baseball TV Schedule

08/26 7:10 Not covered

08/27 6:10 CSN

08/28 1:10 Not covered

08/29 6;08 TBA

08/30 6:08 CSN



White Sox Baseball Logo

Please note game times are listed in Central Time. Times and schedule are subject to change.

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