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Cardinals Baseball TV Schedule

6/23 7:15pm FSMW

6/24 6:15pm FSMW

6/25 7:05pm ESPN

6/27 8:40pm FSMW

6/28 8:40pm FSMW



Cardinals Baseball Logo

Cubs Baseball TV Schedule (CSN+ will be on Cspan for Moto boxes) 

If games are on ThisTv it will not appear on the guide listing.


6/23 6:10pm ThisTv & WAOE

6/24 3:10pm WCIX & WAOE

6/25 12:10pm CSN

6/26 6:05pm CSN

6/27 6:05pm WCIX & WAOE



Cubs Baseball Logo

White Sox Baseball TV Schedule

If games are on ThisTv it will not appear on the guide listing.


6/23 7:10pm CSN

6/24 1:10pm CSN

6/25 1:10pm WBUI

6/26 7:00pm ThisTV

6/27 7:00pm CSN

White Sox Baseball Logo

Please note game times are listed in Central Time. Times and schedule are subject to change.

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