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Cardinals Baseball TV Schedule

4/25 7:15pm FSMW

4/26 12:15pm FSMW

4/27 6:05pm FSMW

4/28 6:05pm FSMW

4/29 12:35pm FSMW

Cardinals Baseball Logo

Cubs Baseball TV Schedule (NBCUchicago + will be on Cspan for Moto boxes)   Also NBCUCh used to be CSN and CSN+.

If games are on ThisTv it will not appear on the guide listing (check system guide for ch. location).


4/25 6:10pm NBCUchi

4/26 7:05pm NBCUch+

4/27 1:20pm NBCU

4/28 1:20pm WCIX & WAOE

4/29 1:20pm NBCUchi


Cubs Baseball Logo

White Sox Baseball TV Schedule (check system guide for ch. location).

If games are on ThisTv it will not appear on the guide listing. Also NBCUCh used to be CSN and CSN+.


4/25 1:00pm NBCUchi

4/26 7:00pm NBCUchi

4/27 7:00pm NBCUchi

4/28 6:00pm CW

4/29 1:00pm ThisTv



White Sox Baseball Logo

Please note game times are listed in Central Time. Times and schedule are subject to change.

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