Closed Captioning

To set your Motorola set top box for closed captioning using the remote control

  1. Make sure your DVR and TV set are both turned on.
  2. Set the DVR remote to ‘CABLE’.
  3. Using the DVR remote, hit the POWER button to turn the DVR box off. Your TV set will need to remain on.
  4. Once your DVR box turns off, hit the MENU button followed by the SELECT button on the DVR remote. This needs to be done right after your power off the DVR.
  5. A diagnostic screen should pop up on the TV screen. It is a white screen with black print. If your TV set is powered off, you will not see the screen.
  6. Using the down arrow key on your DVR remote go down to closed caption.
  7. Once on closed captioning, you should be able to use your right arrow key to turn on and off the captioning.
  8. When done, hit the POWER button again to exit the diagnostic screen. Then hit the POWER button to turn the DVR back on.

To set your Cisco set top box for closed captioning using the remote control

  1. Press the INFO button.
  2. Using the arrow keys, press the down arrow until you reach the Closed Captioning Option(If the Closed Captioning entry is not available, select More instead, then arrow down to Closed Captioning on the new menu).
  3. Once the Closed Captioning Option is highlighted, press the select button.
  4. Pressing the SELECT button will toggle the Closed Captioning from ON to OFF or OFF to ON.
  5. Press the Exit button twice to return to live television.

Any closed captioning concerns should be mailed to:

Closed Caption Concerns
Attn: Chad Winters, Manager of Cable TV
PO Box 200
Virginia, IL 62691

The closed caption contact information is for issues concerning closed captioning only. Please send all other emails to

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